Truck carrying pigs overturns after car crash in Spain

Animal News : Truck carrying pigs overturns after accident in Spain
Pigs transported in a truck, photo: Canva

A truck carrying pigs overturned on a highway near Barcelona in Spain on Monday, after it crashed with a car. Some pigs died instantly after the crash; the rest fell out of the truck onto the highway.

After the crash, a fire broke out in the truck. Eight ground crews and a helicopter of the fire brigade arrived at the scene. The pigs who survived were wandering on the road.

“A truck with 190 pigs has overturned in Barcelona. The media only talk about traffic jams. But no one will talk about the pigs that have died, the injured and of course they will not question the life of exploitation to which these animals are condemned,” PACMA, a political party advocating for animal rights in Spain, said in a social media post.

Pigs are usually transported from farms to slaughterhouses where they are killed. Their meat is processied into pork products like ham, bacon, and sausages. Spain is one of the largest producers of pork products in the European Union. Transportation of pigs to slaughterhouses happens daily.

The fire brigade helped catch the pigs who survived the crash. They were then transported to the slaughterhouse.

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