Australian man and dog rescued after three months at sea ‘She is amazing’

Animal News: Australian man and dog rescued after three months at sea
A man holds Bella, the dog that was rescued with the Australian sailor Timothy Lindsay Shaddock as they arrive in Manzanillo, Mexico, July 18, 2023, creditt: Reuters/Jesus Lozoya

An Australian man and his dog Bella were rescued at sea by a Mexican fishing boat after three months adrift in the Pacific Ocean. Timothy Lindsay Shaddock, 54, and Bella were saved by a fishing boat crew and finally reached land on Tuesday in the port city of Manzanillo in Mexico.

“She is amazing. That dog is something else,” Shaddock told reporters when they asked about his dog, emphasizing his admiration and gratitude for her.

“Bella sort of found me in the middle of Mexico. She’s Mexican, she’s the spirit of the middle of the country, and she wouldn’t let me go. I tried to find a home for her maybe three times, and she just kept following me into the water. So, I feel she’s a beautiful animal, and I’m just grateful she’s alive,” Shaddock said.

He thanked the fishing crew who rescued him and Bella: “The captain and this fishing company that saved my life, I’m just so grateful. I’m alive, and I really didn’t think I’d make it. So thank you, thank you so much.”

Shaddock had set sail from the Mexican coastal city of La Paz in April, with his final destination being French Polynesia, approximately 3,728 miles (6,000 km) away.

However, a severe storm damaged his catamaran and disabled its communication equipment just a few weeks into the journey, stranding Shaddock and Bella at sea with no way to call for help.
The pair survived by feeding on raw fish and rainwater.

When asked about his future plans, Shaddock hinted at the desire for a sense of normalcy and reunion with loved ones, “I think just being with friends and family. It’s the main thing.”

“I did enjoy being at sea. I enjoyed being out there. But when things get tough out there, you have to survive, and then, when you get saved, you feel like you want to live. So, I’m very grateful, Shaddock added.

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