60 bulls killed during Pamplona’s bull running event

Animal News: 60 bulls killed during Pamplona's bull running event
Bulls run towards their death during San Fermin festival, Spain, credit: Elsa A Bravo / SOPA Images/Sipa USA via Reuters

Around 60 bulls were killed during the annual San Fermín bull running festival in Spain, according to animal welfare organization CAS International.

During the festival, which ended on Friday, bulls are released into the city streets, and humans try to outrun them towards the bullring, where the animals are killed.

“60 beautiful souls that died a painful and terrible death in the bullring, during a bullfight. All bulls that run through the streets of Pamplona ended up in a bullfight,” CAS International said.

Animal welfare organizations worldwide have long condemned the festival, emphasizing the stress, panic, and physical harm inflicted on the bulls. They argue that the practice is outdated and unnecessary, causing needless suffering on the animals for the sake of entertainment.

Thousands of tourists come every year from all over the world for the week-long festival in July to watch runners race in front of bulls through the 875-meter course.

“The running of the bulls is over now, but don’t forget this is just one of the 18.000 cruel fiestas that take place in Spain every year,” CAS International said after the event ended.

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