Drought dries up parts of river Derwent in England

News : Drought dries up parts of river Derwent in England
People cross a bridge over the dry river bed of the River Derwent, Britain, June 18, 2023, credit: Reuters/Phil Noble

Parts of the River Derwent in the Lake District, including sections running through the village of Seathwaite – one of the wettest places in England – have completely dried up due to prolonged periods of drought. 

This marks the third consecutive year of drought, threatening the wildlife dependent on the river’s ecosystem.

Footage taken on Sunday highlights the extent of the drought, showcasing dried-up riverbeds in Seathwaite and the neighboring village of Grange.

The National Trust has partnered with the West Cumbria Rivers Trust to combat the effects of climate change and this concerning development. 

“Without water, insects and fish can’t survive, and that will have a knock-on effect to the rest of the river ecosystem – to the otters and the birds that feed on the fish and the insects too,” Ruth Mackay, project officer at West Cumbria Rivers Trust told the news outlet BBC

The organizations are working together to develop restoration strategies for the Derwent River basin, which they hope will mitigate the impacts of these increasingly frequent drought conditions in England. 

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