70% of dogs and cats suffer abuse in Mexico

News : 70% of dogs and cats suffer abuse in Mexico
Abandoned dog with scars, photo: Canva

A report released on Sunday by the government reveals that seven out of ten domestic animals in Mexico are subjected to abuse, and the laws meant to protect them are not being effectively implemented.

According to the study conducted by the Belisario Dom√≠nguez Institute (IBD), criminal penalties for those who mistreat dogs, cats and other domestic animals have not successfully prevented violence against pets in Mexico. 

The study found that although protective regulations exist, they are rarely enforced. Statistics from the animal rights organization AnimaNaturalis add to the findings. 

The group found that very few of the animal abuse cases that happened in Mexico between 2019 and 2020 resulted in punishment. During this same period, an estimated 60,000 animals in Mexico were killed by violence, according to AnimaNaturalis.

This statistic is particularly concerning given that nearly all Mexican states impose penalties for animal cruelty, ranging from fines to prison sentences.

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