US Coast Guard rescues dog after she fell off cliff (VIDEO)

News : US Coast Guard rescues dog after she fell off cliff
German Shepherd. photo: Canva

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) rescued a dog who had fallen off a cliff into a remote rocky beach, video footage released on Thursday by the USCG showed.

The incident happened at Cannon Beach, Oregon, where the German Shepherd had fallen around 300 feet (91 meters) off a cliff onto a remote beach that was inaccessible from the nearby hiking trail.

In response to the distress help call, the USCG sent a rescue crew to the area. The released footage showed the intensity of the situation, capturing the moment a rescuer bravely abseiled down from a helicopter into the turbulent ocean below to reach the stranded animal on the rocky beach.

“The United States Coast Guard is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all living beings in our operational areas,” a USCG spokesperson said. “Our brave team members undergo rigorous training to respond to a variety of emergency situations, including rescuing animals in distress.”

After a difficult operation, the dog was rescued and reunited with her owner when the crew reached the shore. After an emergency visit to the vet, the owner reported that the dog was recovering well.

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