Dog Wilson who helped find children in Colombia is still missing

News: Search dog Wilson who helped find children in Colombia is still missing
Belgian shepherd, photo: Canva

The Colombian army is still looking for rescue dog Wilson, who played a crucial role in finding four children lost in the depths of the Amazon forest for 40 days. The six-year-old Belgian shepherd Wilson, hailed as a hero, disappeared within the dense Colombian jungle on Thursday.

Although the children were successfully located on Friday, the army is determined to find and bring Wilson back, considering it a top priority. “The search has not ended. Our premise: No one is left behind. The soldiers continue the operation to find Wilson,” they said on Twitter, adding a video of the dog.

President Gustavo Petro of Colombia publicly praised dog Wilson for his vital role in saving the children. When he visited the children in the hospital on Saturday, he said the dog still hadn’t been found. The unfavorable weather conditions, difficult terrain -it’s impossible to see more than 20 meters away in the thick jungle- and humidity may have disoriented the rescue dog.

Based on the footprints found on the ground, he was close to the soldiers as well as to the children, whose traces were found not far away, the military said.

The children were passengers aboard a plane that tragically crashed on May 1, allegedly due to a mechanical failure. All the adults onboard, including the children’s mother, the pilot, and an indigenous leader, lost their lives in the incident.

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