63 pilot whales killed in Faroe Islands hunt

News: 63 pilot whales killed in Faroe Islands hunt
Pilot whales, photo: Canva

A total of 63 pilot whales were killed in the Faroe Islands, marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd said on Wednesday.

“Including pregnant females and their fetuses, six juveniles and two very young calves had their lives taken,” Sea Shepherd said, adding that it was the third kill in 2023. Since May, a total of 131 pilot whales have been killed.

Whale hunting, specifically the practice known as “grindadrĂ¡p,” has traditionally taken place in the Faroe Islands, a self-governing group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.

During a grindadrĂ¡p, a pod of pilot whales is driven by boats into a shallow bay, where they are killed using handheld or traditionally crafted knives. Community members carry out the hunt, and the meat and fat obtained from the whales are distributed among the participants and the local community.

Whale hunting in the Faroe Islands has been a subject of controversy and debate internationally. Animal rights organizations and environmental groups argue against the practice, citing concerns about animal welfare and the conservation status of pilot whales.

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