Rescue efforts for animals after dam destruction in Ukraine

News : Rescue efforts for animals after dam destruction in Ukraine
Volunteers evacuate dogs, previously sedated, from a flooded area after the Nova Kakhovka dam breached, Kherson, Ukraine, June 7, 2023, credit: Reuter/Vladyslav Musiienko

Dogs, cats, cows, chickens and other animals were rescued in Kherson in Ukraine after the destruction of the Kakhovka dam. Large areas of Kherson and villages nearby were flooded.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that “thousands and thousands” of animals were trapped. The colossal hydroelectric dam was breached in the early hours of Tuesday, leading to floodwaters rapidly flowing.

As a result, water levels in the Dnipro River, which runs through the city, have risen significantly, drowning farmlands, villages, and towns. Streets that were once hundreds of meters from the river bank are now underwater.

Makeshift docks have been set up to facilitate small boat or kayak travel. Many of these docks were stacked high with plastic pet carriers as volunteers worked tirelessly to ferry the terrified animals to safety.

Ukraine and Russia have blamed each other for causing damage to the dam.

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