Mother bird protects eggs from tractor (VIDEO)

A farmer in Turkey met a mother bird who was courageously protecting her eggs from his approaching tractor. Farmer Hakan Alpar encountered the mother bird in his tomato field in Manisa province and shared the moving footage on social media.

The video shows the mother bird stretching out her wings to prevent the massive machine from crushing her eggs.

“I noticed a bird standing in front of me while plowing the tomato field. As I proceeded, the bird persistently stood before me and tried to hinder me. She opened her wings and showed a reaction toward me,” the 21-year-old farmer told news agency Anadolu.

When he stepped down from his tractor and investigated the area, Alpar discovered a clutch of eggs hidden in the soil. Realizing the bird’s desperate efforts were to protect her future offspring, Alpar decided to stay clear of the nest and continue his work elsewhere.

“As I am compassionate towards animals, I didn’t plow that area and continued my work elsewhere,” Alpar said.

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