Hundreds of dead birds wash up on Chile beach

Hundreds of dead birds wash up on Chile beach
Migratory birds on beach, photo: Canva

A troubling sight has raised concerns in northern Chile as hundreds of dead birds washed up on Sunday along the shoreline of Changa Beach in Coquimbo province.

Approximately 200 birds were found dead on the beach, an image that has led to environmental worries among residents and authorities. The local Agricultural and Livestock Service has collected samples of the birds, which will be analyzed at a laboratory in Santiago. Environmental workers collected the dead birds and placed them in bags.

Jorge Mautz, the regional director of the Agricultural and Livestock Service, advised the public to remain calm while they investigate the situation. “We received a complaint about a large number of dead birds on Changa Beach in Coquimbo. We ask the public not to be alarmed until we know if it is an episode of avian influenza or not,” he said.

As a cautionary measure, Mautz also asked locals to avoid collecting the dead birds to prevent potential infection should this be an outbreak of bird flu.

Several residents shared their concerns about the situation, emphasizing the need for constant monitoring. “We have to be cautious and not approach dead birds or any animal that appears on the seashore,” a local said. Another resident, echoing the sentiment, added, “We must not go near a dead animal, and we must not let pets near dead animals.”

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