Laboratory animals kept outside during storm in Spain

Laboratory animals kept outside during storm in Spain
Beagle used for experimenting in laboratory, photo: Canva

Laboratory animals were kept outside on Tuesday during a severe storm in Spain. The University of Murcia closed due to the storm, but left its animals outside.

Abolición Vivisección, a Spanish organization focused on ending animal experimentation, raised concern about the well-being of the dogs and monkeys who were kept in cages outside the university. The animals are used for experiments in laboratories at the university.

“The strong storm has forced the University of Murcia to suspend its activity. How are the animals that you have caged outdoors? Do you care about their “well-being” before you torture them in experiments or imprison them for life?” Abolición Vivisección asked the university on Twitter.

The organization shared a video showing caged animals amidst the storm at the university.

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