Sea lion rescued after plastic waste cuts his neck (VIDEO)

Sea lion rescued after plastic waste cuts his neck
Sea lion with cut neck in cage, Argentina, photo: still from video Fundacion Mundo Marino via Reuters

A sea lion in Argentina has been rescued after being found with a deep wound around his neck caused by a plastic strap. The incident again highlighted the growing issue of marine pollution and its impact on wildlife.

The sea lion was discovered in the seaside town of Aguas Verdes, Buenos Aires, after a resident alerted the Fundacion Mundo Marino about the animal’s situation. Biologists from the foundation were able to capture and treat the animal on Thursday (May 11).

“The animal has good health and a body weight of 14 kilos (30.9 pounds). His active but aggressive nature made it difficult to capture and assist,” said Sergio Rodriguez Heredia, the rescue center manager at Fundacion Mundo Marino.

The plastic band, typically used in industrial packaging, was stuck deeply between the sea lion’s neck folds. Upon examination, the biologists managed to remove the ring and treat the animal.

“When the medical team applied anesthetics to the animal, and we could calmly look at the injury, we confirmed there was a plastic ring beneath the folds,” Rodriguez explained. “This is more evidence that trash and pollution in the sea that we cannot see or perceive is brought to our attention by these creatures, as is the case of this sea lion.”

The sea lion will remain under the care of the foundation until he has fully recovered.

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