Bull jumps 15 meters to his death in Spain bullfighting event

Bull jumps 15 meters to his death in Spain bullfighting event
Bull, photo: Canva

Animal welfare organizations AnimaNaturalis and CAS International have filed a complaint on Monday to the Ministry of Justice in Spain over the death of a bull during a bullfighting event in Valencia, stating that his death could have been prevented.

Video footage captured the moment the bull, named Vicioso, was running through the streets of the town of Ontinyent while dozens of people ran in front of him.

After reaching down the street, the bull jumped across a stone wall and fell 15 meters into the river below. The bull, who weighed 580 kilograms, broke his legs. Local media reported the animal was euthanized.

AnimaNaturalis and CAS International are condemning the incident and demand justice for the bull, highlighting the risks associated with bull-running and bullfighting events.

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