White peacock crushed to death by tourist cable car in China

White peacock crushed to death by tourist cable car in China
White peacock, photo: Canva

A white peacock was crushed to death by cable cars on Monday at a wetland park in China, local media reported. Because of Labor Day, the Poyang Lake National Wetland Park in Jiangxi province was full of tourists.

Park staff said that some children were pulling the peacock’s feathers, and due to the crowded park, the bird had nowhere to hide, eventually flying onto the cable car track, where he was crushed to death.

A video shared on social media showed several cable cars passing over the white peacock in a short time.

The park said on Tuesday it had taken emergency measures and assigned special personnel to guard the tracks to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Poyang Lake National Wetland Park is one of the six largest wetlands in the world. The park’s Migratory Bird Paradise is home to over 1,000 rare birds from more than 30 species, including peacocks, white swans, black sky cranes, red-crowned cranes, and white cranes.

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