Rescued chicken Marilyn walks again after leg cast recovery

Rescued chicken Marilyn walks again after broken leg healed with cast
Broiler chickens, photo: Canva

A rescue chicken named Marilyn is now walking properly after being fitted with a cast for her broken leg. The seven-month-old broiler hen was rescued from a slaughterhouse by Tamerlaine Sanctuary in New Jersey, United States.

Upon arrival at the sanctuary, Marilyn was diagnosed with a tendon injury that dislocated her leg. After two months of care, her condition had not improved. A veterinary visit revealed that her leg had broken and healed incorrectly. The veterinarian had to re-break Marilyn’s leg to set it correctly before fitting it with a cast.

Marilyn wore the cast for six weeks and has since been able to roam freely with her new flock. Gabrielle Stubbert, the founderof Tamerlaine Sanctuary, said, “She’s got her new BFF, Liberty, and just loves to run. You would never know anything is wrong; she’s our greatest success story. She’s sassy, outgoing, and doesn’t want to be handled. She just wants to be outside.”

Tamerlaine Sanctuary has taken in many broiler chickens like Marilyn, who are bred to grow very large very quick and are slaughtered at six weeks for the food industry.

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