Month-old leopard cub found alone in India

Month-old leopard cub found alone in Indi
Leopard cub found alone in India, credit: still from video Chhattisgarh Forest Department via Reuters

Forest officials in Gariaband, Chhattisgarh, India, spotted a month-and-a-half-old leopard cub on Tuesday and are now trying to reunite him with his mother. Workers spotted the cub, which had strayed from the forest area, and informed the forest department.

Gariaband Divisional Forest Officer Manivasagan S. explained that they blocked off the area to make the mother feel safe enough to retrieve her cub. The aim is to “provide a free area for the leopard’s mother so that there isn’t human intervention or any kind of disturbance so the cub’s mother can easily take her cub back to the jungle.”

India’s environment ministry reported a 60% rise in the leopard population from the previous census carried out in 2014, with 12,852 leopards as of 2020.

Man-animal conflicts are growing in India as the loss of wild animal habitats forces them to stray into human settlements near forests. The animals often get killed by villagers, as they sometimes attack people or animals kept by people.

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