Horses forced to perform in Croatia circus despite ban

Horses forced to perform in Croatia circus despite ban
Horse in circus, photo: Canva

Croatian animal welfare organization Prijatelji životinja (Friends of Animals) has reported Circus Candy to authorities for using animals in their performances. Horses are forced to perform tricks, such as standing on their hind legs and jumping through hoops, at the circus, which is traveling through the country.

Since 2006, Croatia has enforced a ban on keeping wild animals in circuses. However, foreign circuses still enter the country using animals in their shows, Friends of Animals said, adding that Circus Candy came with camels and horses.

“Animals have a tough time enduring harsh conditions in circuses, which is why they show signs of stress and psychosis by repeating the same movements, for example, swinging or walking back and forth,” Friends of Animals said in a Facebook post.

The animal welfare organization called for an inspection of the health of the animals at Circus Candy, an immediate ban on animal performances in circuses throughout Croatia, and sanctions against Croatian officials who granted the circus permission to perform.

“Many countries, such as Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bolivia and others, have already banned performances of all circuses with animals. Croatia should also follow this positive practice,” Friends of Animals said.

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