Dogs and humans run in Venezuela to promote pet adoption

Dogs and humans run in Venezuela to promote pet adoption
Dog and human friendship, photo: Canva

Hundreds of animal lovers and their dogs participated in a 4-kilometer run called PetsRun on Sunday in Venezuela to raise awareness about animal neglect and abuse. The event, held in the Chacao district in Caracas, aimed to encourage the adoption of abandoned pets and raise money for a shelter.

Ricardo Rodriguez, who participated in the race with his 13-year-old-dog, said: “It was a journey for me. This is totally new, but also for him (pointing to his dog). He is 13 years old, and he is still active. He walks every day with me, but this is a total journey for him”.

Another animal lover, Alirio Ibanez, said: “It was the first time I did it. Normally I would go jogging with him (my dog) in the park, but this is my first time doing the race. And I think it was perfect. It was well organized. They had hydration for dogs. I think it’s a good organization. They should do it more often.”

Stray dogs and cats are a significant issue in Venezuela. The country has faced an economic crisis, political unrest, and social instability in recent years, leading to a decline in living conditions and an increase in poverty. As a result, many Venezuelans have been forced to abandon their pets, contributing to the growing population of stray animals in urban and rural areas.

Animal welfare organizations and volunteers have stepped in to help address the problem by rescuing, feeding, and providing medical care to these stray animals. They also promote spaying and neutering programs to control the homeless population and encourage responsible pet ownership.

However, these organizations and individuals often face challenges due to limited resources, lack of government support, and the overall difficult economic situation in the country.

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