Curious badger discovered browsing books in Croatian library

Badger spotted in Croatian university library
Badger, photo: Canva

A curious badger managed to sneak into the library of VERN University in Zagreb, Croatia, on Wednesday, where he was found holding a Destination Management Company training manual.

The badger’s brief stay in the economics department has sparked a flurry of media attention, with many joking that he was trying to brush up on his finance skills and calling him a ‘smart badger’.

Staff at the library quickly noticed the unexpected visitor and contacted local authorities to safely remove the badger from the premises. A quick veterinarian check-up showed that the badger was in good health and he was released back into nature.

According to local reports, this isn’t the first time a wild animal has been spotted in the city. Croatia is known for its diverse wildlife, including badgers, which are common throughout the country.

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