Dubrovnik’s most famous stray cat Anastasia dies at 18

Dubrovnik's most famous stray cat Anastasia dies at 18
Cat, photo: Canva

Anastasia, the famous cat of Dubrovnik in Croatia, passed away on Wednesday. Anastasia spent most of her life living at the entrance to the Rector’s Palace in Dubrovnik, where she became a beloved symbol of the city.

In 2022, thousands of people signed a petition against the eviction of Anastasia from her home in front of the palace. Animal lovers tried finding her a home, but she always returned to the palace, so volunteers put a cardboard box for her on the porch. But Dubrovnik Museums, who owns the property, didn’t like the cardboard box and removed it.

An animal lover even made her a mini wooden home in the style of the Rector’s Palace, complete with a plaque with Anastasia’s name on it. But the museum authority also took away that home, arguing that no one can change Dubrovnik’s “unique cultural and historical whole, especially by building shelters or homes”.

Anastasia was eventually taken in by a veterinarian who cared for the cat until she died.

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