Cruel conditions exposed in UK chicken factory

Cruel conditions exposed in UK chicken factory
Chicken dead at UK factory, credit: still from video Open Cages

A recent investigation by the animal welfare organization Open Cages revealed the disturbing conditions inside a chicken factory in Yorkshire, England. The intensive egg factory is one of hundred across the United Kingdon (UK) that still keeps chickens in cages, the organization said.

Chickens at the UK chicken factory, which was not named, are kept in cramped cages with little to no room to move. The animals are stuck in cages stacked six high and packed tightly together.

The undercover investigation revealed many chickens suffering from visible diseases and injuries, including swollen heads and untreated prolapses. Animals were seen struggling to get up.

Some dead chickens were found still inside the cages alongside living chickens. The animals had no access to sunlight, fresh air, and feather loss from pecking from stress.

Despite the UK government’s statement in 2012 that eliminating such cages was a priority, more than 10 years later 28% of the nation’s eggs still come from facilities like the one in Yorkshire, Open Cages said -which means over 10 million chickens live in those inhumane conditions seen in the video.

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