Protestors demand end of hunting at hunt expo in Poland

Protestors demand end of hunting at hunt expo in Poland
Activists protesting in front of the Hunt Expo hunting fair in Krakow, Poland, 15 April 2023, credit: Klaudia Radecka/NurPhoto via Reuters

Environmental and animal rights campaigners protested Saturday at the Hunt Expo hunting fair in Krakow, Poland. Demonstrators rallied against the hunting industry during the second day of the event, voicing their disapproval and demanding a ban on hunting practices.

Activists gathered at the entrances to the exhibition center, displaying banners and placards that expressed their strong opposition to hunting. They voiced their belief that hunting is an unethical and ecologically damaging practice at arriving hunters and industry representatives.

Hunting expos or fairs are events where hunting enthusiasts, equipment manufacturers, and industry insiders gather to showcase their (animal) products and services.


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  1. Well, there’s always going to be a small group of ignorant people playing on emotions and not on facts. It’s a shame that those eco-terrorists got some publicity, bearing in mind their tiny representation in the society…


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