Bloody half-naked protesters demand bullfighting ban in Colombia

Bloody half-naked protesters demand bullfighting ban in Colombia
Protestors demand a ban on bullfighting, Bogota, Colombia, March 28, 2023, credit: Reuters/Luisa Gonzalez

Dozens of demonstrators protested against bullfighting and bull-running on Tuesday in Colombia. The protestors, including eight half-naked individuals painted in fake blood and wearing bull masks, demanded that lawmakers ban the practice.

They held signs in front of the Colombian Congress in the capital Bogota that read, “Bullfights and bull festivals violence. Colombia screams forbid them now!”

“We frequently see people with their organs and eyes hanging out from bull-running, victims of their own stupidity. But the reason some resist the (bullfighting) ban is that those who organize the bull festivals are local chiefs and landowners that influence votes in the electoral season,” senator Andrea Padilla said.

“We’re here to scream in a united voice that Colombia is in the process of building peace and that peace must also include animals,” said Derly Flores, one of the protestors.

Despite opposition from animal rights groups, bullfighting remains legal in several countries, including Spain, Portugal, and some Latin American countries. However, there has been a growing movement in Colombia to ban bullfighting and bull-running. The protesters hope their actions will raise awareness and encourage lawmakers to take action.

Bullfighting is a controversial practice that involves a bull being tormented and eventually killed in front of a live audience. During a bullfight, the bull is tortured using sharp objects and then killed by the matador, usually by cutting its spinal cord with a sword.

Bullfighting is extremely stressful and painful for the bull, as the animal is repeatedly attacked and disoriented. The physical and psychological trauma causes the bull to experience significant pain and distress.

Bull-running involves bulls chasing people through the streets of a town or city. The bulls are usually released from a pen and allowed to run through designated streets to a bullring or arena where they will later be fought. The event is typically associated with the San Fermín festival held annually in Pamplona, Spain.

The animals are often subjected to stress, fear, and injuries during bull-running. They are forced to run at high speeds on hard pavement, and they can easily slip and fall, resulting in injuries. The bulls are often disoriented and panicked, which can cause them to lash out and attack people, causing further injuries.


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