Calf Stewie escapes death and finds peace at US sanctuary

Calf Stewie escapes death and finds peace at New Jersey sanctuary
Calf, photo: Canva

A 4-month-old calf named Stewie, who managed to escape a Brooklyn slaughterhouse and ran wild through the streets of Canarsie earlier this week, has been granted a new chance at life at an animal sanctuary in New Jersey, United States.

On Tuesday, Stewie’s daring escape led to a chaotic scene, with the calf expertly avoiding cars and a horde of people attempting to capture him. The specifics of his escape remain unclear, but Stewie continued to dodge his would-be captors throughout the ordeal.

Finally, calf Stewie was caught and returned to the slaughterhouse, where he would be killed. However, the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in New Jersey intervened, contacting the slaughterhouse and requesting to adopt the calf.

On Wednesday, the sanctuary took to Facebook, urging its followers to contact Saba Live Poultry, the company holding Stewie, and ask for his release. Subsequently, the owners agreed to release Stewie following many supportive calls.

In a video posted on Friday by Mike Stura, founder and president of Skylands, Stewie is seen outside eating hay. The sanctuary expressed gratitude for the support they received and confirmed Stewie’s gender as male after some confusion.

Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue is also home to other rescued animals, including Freddie the cow, who famously escaped a Queens slaughterhouse in 2016.


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