Police investigate shooting of 17 wild horses in Canada

Police investigate shooting of 17 wild horses in Canada
Wild horses, photo: Canva

Police said Wednesday they are investigating the killing of 17 wild horses in Canada. The animals were shot, and their bodies were found on lands near Walhachin in British Columbia province, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) corporal James Grandy said in a statement.

“They appeared to be from a herd of feral (wild) horses which frequent this area,” Grandy said. “The motive behind this disheartening act cannot be confirmed at this point. However, investigators will continue to collect and examine everything available.”

Biologist and horse researcher Wayne McCrory told local media he was shocked and disgusted when he found out the horses were shot to death. He hoped the police would find out who did this and charge them.

Wild horses are found in various areas of Canada, particularly in the western provinces. Some experts argue that wild horses can cause damage to sensitive ecosystems, while others say that they should be protected as an essential part of Canada’s natural heritage.


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