Donkey left to die after earthquake rescued in Syria

Donkey left to die rescued in Syria
Donkey, photo: Canva

A donkey who was left to die on the streets after the devastating earthquake in Syria was rescued by animal welfare group Ernesto’s Sanctuary for Syrian Cats. The group has been rescuing cats, dogs, donkeys and other animals in the country since the earthquake.

“Who remembers the rescue of this donkey thrown on the street last week, given up for dead? Look at her after a few days of care, nutrition, and love. Now, she is happy on our farm,” the group said on Twitter while sharing a video of a donkey.

The house of the donkey’s owner was destroyed, and the animal was left by the road. “We hydrated her immediately and took her away from that place where people thought she was dying, and here she is a few hours later, happy walking and eating,” the sanctuary said a week ago.

Ernesto’s founder, Alessandra Abidin, told news platform The Washington Post that her group was the only one in northwest Syria focused on finding animals. Without the animal welfare group, the animals left behind by their humans would likely die.

“Since that sad February day, many animals have fled. Some are approaching a slower and sadder death now if we don’t something,” the group said on Sunday. They find skinny and injured cats, dogs and other animals daily.

Donkeys have played an important role in Syria for centuries, particularly in rural areas where they are used for transportation and agriculture. Their numbers have gone in recent years, and in certain areas the animals are mistreated or neglected.


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