Dog waits for owner trapped under rubble in Turkey earthquake

Dog waits for owner trapped under rubble in Turkey earthquake
Dog awaits her owner trapped under rubble in Turkey quake, Hatay, Turkey, credit: still video Reuters

A dog in Hatay was seen waiting for his owner outside a collapsed building on Friday where her owner was trapped after the earthquake in Turkey. Even though she was injured and weak, the dog laid inside the rubble, waiting to see her owner come out alive from the wreckage.

“She (the owner) is still under the rubble here in this building. She hasn’t been rescued yet, and the dog is waiting for her,” Mustafa Sonmez, who knows the dog’s owner, told news agency Reuters. “The dog came out alive the other day and has been waiting for her owner since then.”

The dog was taken to another, safer place, but she returned to look for her owner, who “is still in the building,” Sonmez said. Volunteers treated the wounds of the terrified dog and placed her onto a mattress to sleep.

“When the rescuers start using the tractor, she starts barking. Is there anything else to do? We are all waiting here, the dog is also waiting. There is nothing we can do except praying to God. We hope the owner will be rescued alive,” Sonmez said.

On Sunday, emergency service workers rescued a cat from a balcony of a damaged apartment building in Gaziantep in Turkey. Rescuers used a crane to reach the cat, who was trapped in the building for six days.

A week ago, Turkey and Syria were hit with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and several powerful aftershocks; thousands of buildings collapsed, killing tens of thousands of humans and animals.


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