Weekly Animal News Update: panda LeLe died, oldest dog in the world

Weekly Animal News Update: Week 5

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    Lab-grown meat coming to US restaurants in 2023
    Restaurants in the United States might serve lab-grown meat in 2023. Uma Valeti from Upside Foods is optimistic that cultivated meat could be on the menu within months.

    87 Rhinos killed in 2022 in Namibia
    The number of endangered rhinos killed in 2022 in Namibia reached an all-time high: 87 animals were killed. That’s 42 more than in 2021.

    Giant panda LeLe dies at Memphis zoo
    Giant panda LeLe died at age 24 at Memphis zoo. A spokesperson for the zoo said that the panda died in his sleep on Wednesday. In April, Lele was going to return to China.

    Luxury rabbit hotel in Chicago
    A luxury rabbit hotel opened in Chicago in the United States and already has a waiting list. The hotel provides luxury accommodations for rabbits and offers spa packages with massages and pampering. 

    Dead humpback whale Luna washes up in New York
    The dead male humpback whale Luna, who washed up on Lido Beach in New York, was probably killed after being hit by a ship, the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society, who performed the autopsy, said.

    Bobi is the oldest dog in the world
    Bobi, a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, is the oldest dog in the world. He is 30 years old and lives in Portugal.

    Gorilla and bear exhibition in Paris 
    Massive bear and gorilla sculptures were placed in Paris to represent endangered animals. “We are like egotistic young children who don’t realize that they have to share (with animals), that Earth is not only ours, it belongs to every living being and not solely humanity,” artist Michel Bassompierre said.

    Three sloths died in Belgium
    Three slots died from the cold after being left in cages in a cold airplane at an airport in Belgium. It’s not clear yet who’s responsible for their deaths.

    Cheetahs transported from South Africa to India
    South Africa will send over 100 African cheetahs to India, which declared Asiatic cheetahs extinct in 1952. India now wants to create a population of African cheetahs.

    Cyprus gives first-ever fines for killing wild birds
    For the first time ever, authorities in Cyprus have given fines for killing wild birds using poison baits, conservationists from the nature conservation organization BirdLife Cyprus said. A person was fined 21,000 euros after three birds were found dead.

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