Naked animal rights activists protest against fur in Madrid (VIDEO)

Nude animal rights activists protest against fur in Madrid
Animal rights activists protest against the fur and leather industry, in Madrid, Spain, January 15, 2023, credit: Reuters/Isabel Infantes

Shaking in the cold winter temperatures of Madrid, animal rights activists stripped naked and covered themselves with fake blood on Sunday to protest against using fur and leather in clothes.

The naked animal rights activists positioned themselves on the floor in front of a famous shopping mall that sells fur coats close to Puerta del Sol square in Madrid to demand the end of animal fur in fashion.

“Cruelty is not elegant”, one of the activists said as she held a sign reading “How many lives for a coat?” 

Animal welfare group Animal Naturalis organised the protest against fur in fashion, and it’s part of the European Citizens’ Initiative “Fur Free Europe”, which calls on the EU to ban fur farms and farmed fur products from the European market.  

Almost 1.3 million people have signed the Initiative, meaning the European Commission is obliged to respond and take action.

“Activists have demonstrated this morning fully naked and sprayed with fake blood to condemn the injustice that millions of animals are slaughtered annually for their skins,” Animal Naturalis said on social media.


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