Bolivian airline hires animal psychic to find lost cat Tito 

Bolivian airline hires animal psychic to find lost cat Tito
Tito, a gray and white male tabby cat that went missing on a domestic flight last month, Tarija, Bolivia, credit: Andrea Iturre via Reuters

Bolivian airline BOA hired an animal psychic to help track down a cat they lost during a domestic flight a month ago. Andrea Iturre was devastated when she discovered that the airline lost her cat Tito during the domestic flight from Tarija to Santa Cruz.

When boarding her flight on December 8 in Tarija, Iturre was told she had to put her cat in the baggage compartment of the plane. When she landed in Santa Cruz and went to collect her cat carrier, it was empty.

“I almost died,” Iturre said in a social media post that went viral about the moment she saw that her cat Tito was missing from the carrier.

On December 12, Edgar Montana, the Minister of Public Works, Services and Housing, announced a massive state-led search for cat Tito during a news conference. “We are hopeful that Tito will show up,” he said. “The cat likes tuna, so we have left out tuna,” he added. But more than a month later, the cat still hasn’t been found.

An animal psychic can communicate telepathically with animals and could help find the missing cat. The psychic said that Tito was still alive but couldn’t locate him. Animal lovers have criticised the state airline BOA over the missing cat.


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