Walrus spotted in France, miles from polar circle home

Walrus spotted in France, miles from polar circle home
Walrus, photo: Canva

A walrus was seen in the port of Dieppe in Normandy in France, authorities said on Saturday. The animal was miles away from his natural habitat around the arctic circle.

The walrus, usually found in Alaska, Greenland or Russia, did not show any sign of ill health, the local government said in a statement.

Local authorities blocked off the area on Friday evening to protect the walrus, who was relaxing onshore, according to a picture tweeted by the prefecture. The walrus dived down into the sea on Saturday morning and disappeared.

This year, several animals from cold Arctic seas have strayed into French waters. In August, a beluga whale died in the Seine river, a few months after a killer whale died in the same river.


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