Animal Rebellion occupied Gordon Ramsay restaurant

Animal Rebellion occupied Gordon Ramsay restaurant
Gordon Ramsay at the television show Master Chef Junior, California August 1, 2013, credit: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Fourteen members of the animal and climate justice movement Animal Rebellion occupied the restaurant of chef Gordon Ramsay in London on Saturday evening, demanding a reform of the United Kingdom’s food system.

They entered Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea at around 6:00 pm and sat at tables reserved for guests, and left when the place closed a few hours later.

They held menus describing the environmental costs of the dishes at the restaurant. “This luxury restaurant epitomises the inequality we face in the United Kingdom right now, as well as denial of the severity of the climate crisis,” the group said on Twitter. “We need a dramatic shift in the UK’s food system, and we all need to take responsibility for that.”

“We will continue to highlight the inaction of governments, corporations, and restaurants like this. We all have a part to play in the face of the climate emergency and cost-of-living crisis. For society, climate and animals, we cannot afford to continue this way,” it added. “The climate crisis is not stopping, and neither are we!”

Animal Rebellion member Lucia Alexander urged a “transition to a plant-based food system”.

“A plant-based food system requires 75 percent less farmland to grow food, allowing us to feed millions of additional people without the reliance on exploitative and inefficient animal farming industries,” she said.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs. However, to force your way into a restaurant, disturbing hard-working staff going about their jobs and ruining the evening of guests who have waited months for their reservations is incredibly inappropriate and deeply disrespectful,” a spokesperson for Restaurant Gordon Ramsay said.

London’s Metropolitan Police said officers were called to the restaurant, but no arrests were made. “Officers attended. The restaurant was closed, and the protesters left. There were no arrests,” said a spokesperson.


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