Thousands of released mink roam US countryside 

Thousands of released mink roam in US countryside
Mink, photo: Canva

Thousands of mink were roaming the countryside of Ohio in the United States on Wednesday after animal rescuers broke into Lion Farms that raises mink for fashion and released between 25,000 to 40,000 from their cages, authorities said.

As the fur-pelting season grows to a close, these animals were going to be killed within a few weeks by anal electrocution, gassing or clubbing, Animal Liberation Front (ALF) said in a press release, adding that the mink were only around seven months.

“Despite being caged for their entire short and brutish lives, captive mink remain genetically wild, and have been proven capable of survival in the wild by the time they are several months old,” ALF added.

Local media in Ohio reported that many mink were killed on the road or killed by hunters. Sheriff Tom Riggenbach said in a news release that the incident is being looked into as a case of vandalism and breaking and entering.

ALF said on its website that it uses economic sabotage and direct liberation of animals from abuse and imprisonment to end needless animal suffering. 

Healthy mink need to roam, hunt and swim. In the fur industry, the animals are kept in small cages from the moment they’re born till they die. They live their whole life in a cage without spending a minute in nature.

The animals become so stressed from their unnatural life in a cage at a fur farm that many develop compulsive behaviours and hurt themselves or their children in frustration. 

Each year, over 100 million mink, chinchillas, foxes, racoon dogs and other animals are killed for the fashion industry, according to animal welfare organization Four Paws.

Over the past year, Balenciaga, Dolce&Gabbanna, Gucci, Saint LaurentMoncler and other major fashion brands have declared they would stop selling clothes with fur.

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