Social Animal News: Dutch horse market, Canadian road zoos

Animal News: Dutch horse market, Canadian road zoos
Pony, photo: Canva

A man punched a horse in the face during a horse market in the Dutch city of Hedel, Karen Soeters, founder of House of Animals, said. 

The horse was getting anxious because he was placed in front of a party tent with a lot of noise, Soeters said. The man was pulling the animal and, out of nowhere, punched him hard in the face, a video shared by Soeters showed.

Together with animal welfare organization Eyes on Animals, Soeters went to the market to see how animals were treated. Soeters shared two videos, one of a man punching his horse and another of two men pulling the tail and face of a petite horse.

The market is one of the biggest horse markets in Europe; 644 horses were at the market on Monday. Most came from the Netherlands, but some horses were taken from abroad.

Animals suffering in Canadian zoos
“We visited nearly every zoo in Ontario, the roadside zoo capital of Canada,” animal welfare organization Animal Justice said. They found animals suffering mentally, showing abnormal repetitive behaviour while kept in small enclosures. Investigators saw injured and sometimes even dead animals.

Animal Justice said that zoos in Canada were poorly regulated, with no laws protecting animals, so even when animals suffer, authorities can’t close zoos. 

In Ontario, you can’t build a patio in your backyard without a permit, but you can open a zoo imprisoning animals without a permit, Animal Justice added.

Rescued lion Kebri
Animal charity Born Free Foundation shared a picture of the ten-year-old male lion Kebri who was rescued when he was six months old.

“The first six months of Kebri’s life were painful and distressing. Whilst still a cub in Kebri Dehar in eastern Ethiopia, his mother had killed a camel and was subsequently poisoned, leaving Kebri in the hands of the army base who had poisoned his mother,” Born Free said on Instagram.

As Kebri got older, the army couldn’t handle him anymore and killing him would be the only option. After they’d been informed about the plans for Kebri, Born Free sent a small plane to rescue him. 

He was transported to Ensessa Kotteh Wildlife Rescue, near the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, where Kebri still lives. 

Dead dolphin in the Bay of Gibraltar
“Another dead dolphin appears in the Bay of Gibraltar. Most suffer injuries, blows, and amputations due to human activity, especially fishing,” the Spanish party for the animals PACMA Andalusia said on Twitter.

The Bay of Gibraltar is one of the main maritime routes in Europe. Due to heavy traffic, marine animals are often captured in fishing nets or hit by boats, leaving them injured or dead.

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