Dutch plan to shoot young wolf with paintball gun

Dutch plan to shoot young wolf with paintball gun
Young wolf, photo: Canva

Dutch authorities plan to shoot a young wolf with a paintball gun to make him afraid of humans. “We’re dealing with a wolf who is too friendly (towards humans). So we have to make him scared of humans,” a spokesperson from the province of Gelderland told local media. 

The animal is getting too close to visitors at the Hoge Veluwe national park. According to authorities, the young wolf approached hikers and bikers at the park. Law enforcement officers will be assigned to shoot the animal.

According to local media, the goal is to teach the animal to keep at least thirty metres from people. Dutch authorities claim that shooting animals with paintball pellets won’t hurt them.

A paintball gun is an air gun that shoots gelatine capsules filled with paint which break upon impact. Humans must wear protective gear at a paintball game since the bullets can leave marks and bruises on bare skin.

Wolves are protected animals in the Netherlands, meaning killing them is only possible with special authorisation. Gelderland authorities said they had a permit to start the paintball shooting soon.

It estimates that there are currently eleven lone wolves and four packs of wolves in the Netherlands.

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