Social Animal News: dogs can’t enter Canada, race horse rescue

Animal News: rescued dogs can't enter Canada, kitten kicked, horse rescued
Dogs, photo: Canva

Canadian animal welfare organizations Animal Justice and Soi Dog are taking the federal government to court over its decision to ban the import of rescued dogs from over 100 countries.

According to them, the decision of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to ban most international dog rescues is unlawful because it is unreasonable. The ban forbids dogs rescued from countries like Ukraine, Afghanistan and China from entering Canada.

“The ban is a death sentence for many adoptable dogs, robbing them of the chance to find a loving home in Canada,” Animal Justice said on their website.

Kitten kicked by teenager
“This video was reported to us after being taken at a school in Lebanon. The teenager just kicks the cat and laughs about it with his friend who is filming,” animal welfare organization Animals Lebanon said on Instagram.

The kitten was rescued by Animals Lebanon and is now recovering from her injuries. “Her meows show obvious pain. She will get a full check-up and will be monitored to make sure she has no internal injuries.”

Animals Lebanon emphasized how important it is to teach kids kindness to animals: “Kids with tendencies to harm and be cruel to animals grow up with tendencies of violence against other human beings.”

Lawyer Adele Halabi reached out to the school’s principal to discuss what actions will be taken to prevent animal cruelty under kids.

Monkeys stolen from the wild
Monkeys from Cambodia, Indonesia, Mauritius, the Phillippines and Vietnam are experimented on in American laboratories, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said. The animals are either stolen from forests or bred on factory farms.

Taking monkeys from those countries is faster and cheaper than breeding them in the United States, PETA said. The US government is very secretive about the transportation of these animals, who have to endure long flights in cramped conditions.

PETA added that despite decades of promises and hundreds of thousands of dead monkeys, animal experiments haven’t resulted in effective vaccines for tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, or other dreaded human illnesses.

Coronavirus experiments have also repeatedly shown the scientific community how irrelevant and often misleading monkey studies are.

Horse Dolly rescued from racing
Animals Australia shared the rescue story of a former racing horse named Dolly, who now lives at Brightside Farm Sanctuary in Tasmania, an island state of Australia.

Unlike many former racing horses, she was saved by the sanctuary and not shot after her racing career was done.

“Dolly is one of the lucky ones. It’s time we see non-human animals for who they are, not what we can gain from them,” Animals Australia said, adding that more than 10,000 horses are sent to slaughterhouses in Australia every year.

The organization also shared a post of the horses who died during the Melbourne Cup, a horseracing event held on the 1st Tuesday of November.

“We remember Melbourne Cup’s victims just as we remember all the less visible horses โ€” killed during trials, on racetracks throughout the year, and in slaughterhouses. One death for gambling money is too many,” Animals Australia said.

Despite campaigns against horseracing that have been going on for years, the Melbourne Cup was still held on Tuesday.

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