Social Animal News: Macaws caught, Dog rescued from farm

Social Animal News: Macaws captured in Surinam, Dog rescued from farm
Macaws, photo: Canva

“Macaws and other birds are wild animals, not pets,” World Animal Protection US said, adding a video of macaws being caught in the South-American country Surinam. 

The animals are screaming in pain as they’re cruelly pulled from their habitat and tied up. After being entrapped, macaws are then sold abroad. They endure extremely stressful and painful conditions because of the illegal wildlife trade.

Kangaroos killed in Australia
“Victoria’s kangaroos are being found with horrific rifle injuries, orphaned joeys abandoned and left to die,” animal welfare organization Animals Australia said, calling for an end to kangaroo hunting in the Australian state of Victoria.

Kangaroos are hunted and killed for profit to be sold for their meat, according to Animals Australia. “Kangaroos have to face catastrophic fires, floods, urban sprawl, vehicle collisions… but did you know they’re being slaughtered for profit, too?”

Rescued from a dog farm
Animal welfare organization Humane Society International shared a video of Patou the dog: “From nearly frozen to death on a South Korean dog meat farm, to beloved family pet.”

Patou was rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea, where he was trapped inside a wired cage, waiting to be sold on the market. He was saved on time by the HSI volunteers. Patou has been adopted and is now living with a new family.

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