Bird flu in Japan, Netherlands, Bulgaria, 384,000 chickens killed

Bird flu

Around 340,000 chickens at two farms in Japan were exterminated, the agriculture ministry said on Friday. Bird flu was detected at a chicken farm on the main island of Honshu; the other outbreak was found on the island of Hokkaido.

About 170,000 chickens were killed at one farm and 170,000 chickens at another; both were farms where chickens are kept in cages for their eggs.

Dutch authorities killed around 25,000 chickens on a farm in the town of Neerkant in the south of the country after detecting bird flu, the government said on Thursday. More than a dozen bird flu outbreaks have been reported in the Netherlands in the past month.

Bulgaria killed around 19,000 chickens on an industrial farm in the south of the country on Monday after detecting bird flu, the regional food safety authorities said.

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