Fifteen vicunas die in Peru wildfires (VIDEO)

Fifteen vicunas die in Peru wildfires
Vicuna, photo: Canva

At least 15 vicunas died in wildfires in the Pumawasi Vicuna Reserve Natural Park in Peru, officials said on Tuesday, adding that 50 other vicunas are in very critical condition. Around 90% of the reserve, where 600 vicunas live, was affected by the fires, local media reported.

Authorities are struggling to put out the flames. Footage captured by the Pomacanchi Government showed vicunas -relatives of llamas- escaping from the wildfires and looking frightened in the burnt grasslands as huge blazes destroyed the area.

“We have a total of 333 wildfires to this day, more than 30,000 hectares have been destroyed and with them, very vulnerable ecosystems in the high Andean region. Both flora and fauna have been devastated and destroyed,” Roberto Abarca, director of the Regional Office for Disaster Risk Management and Security, said.

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