Social Animal News: Elephant dies in freedom, chickens rescued

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Elephants, photo by David Heiling on Unsplash

The 57-year-old female elephant Pocha suddenly died at a sanctuary in Brazil, where she arrived in May with her daughter Guillermina. Pocha and her daughter had been living for decades in a transport crate in Argentina. When the two arrived at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, it took Pocha hours to step out of her crate and into the barn.

“While mother and daughter were acclimating to sanctuary life, neither of them thought to look up and beyond a few feet in front of them. They were not used to anything being there other than a wall,” Elephant Sanctuary Brazil said. “Pocha would often stand back, watching her daughter thrive and experience a world that was new and healthy.”

The sanctuary is doing an autopsy to determine the cause of death since Pocha’s death was very sudden. They think she was already sick when she arrived.

“Pocha left this world having experienced the freedom of sanctuary and knowing that her daughter would be surrounded by friends, loved, and well cared for the rest of her time here on earth. Our hearts a broken, but knowing this brings us comfort,” the sanctuary said.

Injured lion in Russia-Ukraine war
UAnimals, a charity organization from Kyiv in Ukraine, posted pictures of a wounded lion who was transferred to a local shelter.

The lion named Pretzel was kept in a small cage -1.5 by 2.5m on concrete- at a zoo, which led to Pretzel developing mental health issues and blindness due to poor condition, according to UAnimals.

He was transferred to a shelter, where he injured himself after he panicked from the sounds of rockets and explosions of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Elephant abused for festival
Texas Renaissance Festival in the United States will showcase two abused elephants, Animal Defenders International said. The animal welfare organization shared undercover footage of elephant Krissy being beaten so hard she fell on her knees. 

Puppies rescued from illegal trade
Croatian police found 15 puppies who were going to be sold illegally in a house in Zagreb. The dogs of different breeds were kept in bad conditions, sick, and not vaccinated. 

Due to their poor health, several dogs were immediately taken to a veterinarian. The other animals were taken to an animal shelter. Charges were filed against the owner.

End of battery cages
The Australian government announced in August that they would phase out the use of battery cages by 2036, but the Australian Alliance for Animals wants the government to shorten “this unacceptably long phase-out period.” Battery cages are small cages in which hens are kept day and night to lay eggs. 

Chickens rescued
Uncle Neil’s Home, a farm sanctuary in New Jersey, adopted 40 chickens, survivors from Kapparot, a ritual practised by orthodox Jews on the eve of the Jewish holy day Yom Kippur. In this ritual, the chickens are waved over a person’s head and then slaughtered.

“They were moments away from senselessly having their throats slit in a vile, unnecessary religious ritual,” Uncle Neil’s Home said.

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