Protest against animal abuse after dog killings in Bolivia (VIDEO)

Hundreds of protestors marched through La Paz streets in Bolivia with their dogs, rabbits, and even guinea pigs to protest against animal abuse. The march was organized after videos of cleaning company workers killing dogs with sticks and stones went viral.

Local authorities launched an investigation into cleaning company Compañia de Limpieza e Ingenieria Ambiental. A former employee of the company said he was forced to kill wild dogs at a landfill.

“I had two dogs, and they died, so I buried them. This one (dog) is like a son to me. He’s always by my side. He sleeps in our bedroom. He’s like a son, and he’s part of the family. We love him a lot,” protestor Yolanda Vargas said.

“They’re part of the family. We don’t consider them pets or just guarding animals as others see them. To us, they’re like babies. We treat them as such and care for them. This is what we all should do,” another demonstrator, Ximena Rivas, said.

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