Lioness dead after fight with newly introduced lion in Dutch zoo

Lioness with cub
Lioness with cub, photo: Canva

The sixteen-year-old female lion Tia died after a fight with the male lion Jafar at Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen in the Netherlands. She was found dead in the outdoor area of the lion enclosure on Sunday morning.

“The lioness was transferred to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht for autopsy. The investigation shows that she died as a result of a fight,” the zoo said on its website.

The zoo only had female lions and wanted to introduce a male lion. At the beginning of August, the 12-year-old Jafar arrived in Emmen from France. Step by step, he was introduced to the lionesses at the zoo.

Lioness Tia was the highest ranked among the ladies. The animal caretakers noticed that there was friction between Tia and Jafar.

“Such an introduction period can take a very long time with these predators and is certainly not without risks,” the zoo said, adding that the introduction of Jafar to the other lionesses would continue.


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