Daily animal news: whale rescue, cow run over with bulldozer

Daily animal news
Daily animal news, photos: Canva

Members of the environmental organization Sea Shepherd rescued a fin whale who was stranded on a beach in France. On Tuesday, they dug a path around the whale with access to the sea.

Spanish animal welfare organization AnimaNaturalis held a protest on Sunday demanding that the government doesn’t spend public money on bullfighting shows.

Hurricane Fiona ravaged a Puerto Rico beach, leaving branches and garbage spread across it on Monday. Animal welfare organization The Sato Project rescued stray dogs in the area.

“They chase, run over and hit a female cow with a bulldozer at a celebration in Deza (Soria). It is incredible that this happens with the cooperation of the government,” the Spanish political party PACMA said on Twitter. They shared a video of a female cow being run over by a bulldozer.

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