Birds and fish killed in huge fire in pet stores in the Netherlands

Two parrots on tree, Birds and fish killed in huge fire in pet stores in the Netherlands
Parrots, photo: Canva

A huge fire killed all animals in two pet stores in the Netherlands. It’s not clear how many birds and fish were held at the pet stores in Nieuw-Vennep, but none of them survived, the fire service said.

The fire started Tuesday evening. Images from local media showed that the warehouse, where the pet stores were located, was entirely up in flames. The animals couldn’t escape or be saved by the fire department.

“Words fail”, the bird speciality store ‘Alles voor uw vogel’ (Everything for your bird) wrote on Facebook. “Our life’s work is destroyed within half an hour. Without any kind of goodbye, all the birds have left us.” The store sold hundreds of parakeets, parrots and other birds.

“Huge sadness for our business and our fish,” the store ‘Mink vijver en aquarium’ (Mink pond and aquarium) said. The shop sold different kinds of koi fish, like Showa, Kohaku and Ki Utsuri.

How the fire started is still under investigation. Dutch media reported that explosions were heard.

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