Black bear cub tortured and killed in Mexico

Bear cub walks on road, Black bear cub tortured and killed in Mexico
Black bear cub, photo: Canva

People tortured and killed a baby black bear in the state of Coahuila in Mexico. It’s believed the bear cub wandered into an area where humans live, the town of Castaños, to look for water.

“With only four months old, this bear is treated worse than the cruelest criminal in Castaños Coahuila,” Mexican environmental activist and producer Arturo Islas Allende said on social media on Tuesday.

“His only sin was to approach the people to look for some water. What they did to this animal is a federal crime,” he added.

In the pictures Allende posted, residents are seen dragging the baby black bear with ropes around him. A female police officer is seen smiling at the torture of the baby black bear, which is a protected species in Mexico.

“It is disturbing to see in the evidence that there was police presence, but they did nothing but smile and have fun as if it were a circus event,” Allende said.

People angered
People responded angry and shocked on Allende’s post. “Humans are the biggest pandemic of this world.. this is really sad,” Israel Salazar Rivera said.

“Every day, we are worse! Humanity is not so human anymore. Justice! Stop all that cruelty towards those who have no voice. They are sentient living beings,” Alma Zepeda said.

“I don’t know what to expect from this world anymore, it hurts, but I don’t know what to do. It just saddens me deeply, and I feel helpless,” Alejandro Huerta said.

“How sad that among all those people, there wasn’t someone who could do something. To help this little one,” Chispity Masy said.

“I am from Coahuila Castaños, and people do not understand that the invasive species are us and not the wild animals,” Adrián AC said. “I demand justice for that bear.”

Police investigation
“We vigorously condemn the outrageous actions of those who participated in the abuse and death of a specimen of black bear in the municipality of Castaños,” Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís, the Governor of Coahuila, said on Facebook.

Wildlife protection authority PROFEPA announced that it would press charges against the people who tortured and killed the black bear cub.

“Attacking an endangered animal is handled by federal authority,” Solís said. “The bear black is the living symbol of conservation in Coahuila. We must all respect their life and environment.”

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