Six people injured at Spain’s Running of the Bulls

Six bulls running with people around them, animal news
People sprint in front of bulls during the running of the bulls at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain, July 10, 2022, credit: Reuters/Juan Medina

Six people were taken to hospital after Pamplona’s third bull run, emergency services said on Saturday. Two runners were gored in the leg. The gorings were the first since the San Fermin’ Running of the Bulls started on Wednesday.

At San Fermin festival, six bulls are let loose on the narrow streets of Pamplona in Spain, and people try to get away from the bulls.

In total, there are eight runs which last a few minutes. The runs end at the bullring, where the animals are then captured, before reappearing in the evening’s bullfight, where they are killed.

Spanish animal rights groups have long advocated for an end of bull-running and bullfights, which both lead to the death of animals for entertainment.

“It was terrifying. I got caught in the middle running. The one bull was right behind me on my back. I had to dive out of the way. I may have knocked some people over. I don’t know. My heart is still racing,” American Blake Titus said about the experience of running in front of a bull.

The event attracted so many people that it became difficult for them to get out of the bulls’ way. The annual event attracts thousands of thrill-seekers.

“Lots of people, the bulls were very fast and, well, lots of problems,” Juan Manuel, who attended the event, said.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the San Fermin festival was cancelled in 2020 and 2021. Animal rights groups want it banned for good.

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