Cows until their neck in water at farm in China floods (VIDEO)

“I want to loosen it,” a farmer said about the rope around one of his cows who was standing until his neck in water in China. Parts of southeast China continue to be affected by floods triggered by heavy rainfall.

State broadcaster CCTV shared footage on Tuesday of rescuers helping humans. In Quzhou in the province of Zhejiang, rescuers were seen rescuing a cow farmer on Monday with floodwaters reaching a cow’s neck. The man tried to untie his animals before he left with the rescuers.

Streets in Shaoguan in the province of Guangdong revealed a similar situation with flooded stores and roads resembling rivers on Tuesday.

China is historically prone to summer flooding, but in recent times, it has become more severe due to deforestation, storage of water for power generation and farming, and climate change.

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