Peru zinc spill kills thousands of captive fish

Fish swim in green water, animal news
Trout fish farm in Peru, photo: Canva

Thousands of fish were killed after a truck carrying 35 tonnes of zinc fell into the Chillón river in Peru. The truck overturned into river, polluting its waters and killing thousands of trout in the town of Canta.

The area is known for its trout farms, where thousands of fish are bred in restrictive spaces. So when zinc fell into the river, there was no way for the fish to escape. The mineral darkened the water and killed the fish.

“Look how trouts are dying, and this is just the beginning. In a short time, all (bred fishes) this season will start to die. Not only will (the accident) hurt this season’s fish, but the coming ones as well,” trout breeder Wilfredo Cajavilca said.

Peru’s Minister of Environment, Modesto Montoya, said on Thursday local fish farmers will be compensated for their loss.

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