Sudan released footage of sinking ship with thousands of sheep (VIDEO)

Sudan’s Sea Ports Corporation released footage of the ship carrying 15,800 sheep -thousands more than it could take- that capsized and sank on Sunday in Sudan’s Red Sea port of Suakin. Men on boats are seen pulling sheep out of openings of the ship as the animals scream in fear.

Inspectors at the port noticed the livestock carrier Al Badri 1 was leaning to its right as it was starting its journey to Saudi Arabia, a statement from Sudan’s Sea Ports Corporation said.

“There was a crack on the ship’s right side which led to water entering in large quantities, and this increased as the ship leaned more on its right side,” port official Islam Babakr Abou Darq said about the ship.

“When the ship leans on the right side, the sheep will automatically move to the same side, and they will cause the ship to lean even more,” Islam said, who added that the ship was overloaded with sheep.

Like most livestock vessels, the Al Badri 1 was actually an old cargo ship that was converted into a livestock carrier. The ship had many issues in recent years and hadn’t been officially inspected for a while, maritime news website Maritime Executive reported. 

The sheep were on their way to Saudi Arabia, where they would be slaughtered. Only 700 sheep survived. It’s not known what happened to the survivors or where they are now.

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